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INTREPID: "Intelligent Toolkit for Reconnaissance and assessmEnt in Perilous Incidents" (n.883345)


Many challenges arise in the immediate aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster. First responders must deal with pressing and dramatic challenges in a chaotic, dynamic, and dangerous environment while locating and rescuing victims and neutralising threats. They must make urgent decisions, but the zone can be large, complex, hostile, with many areas unsafe to explore. The lack of reliable information and the deep uncertainty present serious obstacles to a quick and effective response. INTREPID aims to create a unique platform, seamlessly integrating Intelligence Amplification and eXtended Reality concepts, with unprecedented Smart Cybernetic Assistants and innovative deep indoor Networking and Positioning capabilities, to improve and accelerate the exploration and assessment of disaster zones. The project will validate its effectiveness, in iterative and complementary pilots, to support the rescue operations in areas that are complex or dangerous to explore. Always first on scene, first responders will be able to immediately start operations without having to wait for specialized teams or for the zone to be fully secured. When these teams arrive, first responders have already used INTREPID to provide them with reliable information and effective assistance. The result is an immediate and targeted response that will allow faster, more effective and safer operations. The consortium consists of world-class research centres and SMEs, coordinated by an industrial with a leading position in the security market. It will follow a user-centric methodology involving many first responders, and an international Advisory Board and Open User Group ensuring diversity. Social, ethical and legal constraints will be carefully considered during the project’s lifetime. The project will design and implement a training curriculum and an innovative evaluation framework along with an ambitious communication and dissemination plan, preparing the ground for successful exploitation.
Keywords: Search & Rescue operations, Crisis management


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