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Tuesday, 06 October 2009 22:45


SYNERGISE: "A novel integrated SYstem of Systems streNgthening tEchnical and logistical capacities to ensure better Response to emerGencies by synergIStically addrEssing FRs capability gaps" (n.101121321)


SYNERGISE will design, develop, integrate, deploy, test, validate and demonstrate a Novel Integrated Toolkit for Collaborative Response and Enhanced Situational Awareness (NIT-CRES), at the service of response agencies which ensures an upgrade to managing of complex incidents. This will comprise a multitude of tools and services required for: 1) boosting situational awareness and sense-making by offering them the means to autonomously and synergistically perform indoor and outdoor exploration of incident sites towards victim identification whilst receiving at all times information about responders’ position and vitals as well as analyses of passive and active threats and hazards at the area of operations and 2) upgrading collaborative response and incident as well resources management by continuously sharing and updating the common operational picture across deployed teams, among the chain of command and between participating agencies. The NIT-CRES armors the FRs at all fronts by delivering novel, affordable, accepted, and customized response tools and services as part of their operational assets. Notably, the toolkit abides to privacy, ethical, security and legal constraints by design, considers an increased degree of inclusiveness for its operators and its set-up facilitates collaborative response addressing standard operating procedures. The NIT-CRES will be provided at the service of the search and rescue personnel, fire brigades, emergency medical, police and civil protection agencies for extensive testing, training and validation (at component and Toolkit levels) in the framework of a rich Integration, Testing and Validation Activities Programme – of Round Tables (RTs), Collaborative Lab Tests (CLTs), Technical Integration Workshop (TIWS), Component Field Tests (CFTs) and System Field Tests (SFTs) – towards empowering collaborative response and handling of complex incidents to its fullest.
Keywords: Search & Rescue operations, crisis management, autonomous swarm of robots, indoor localisation, vitals monitoring, augmented reality, human-machine teaming.


Notice: This project is currently under development. Publication of all the material and results related to this work is limited due to IPR limitations, until the last stages of the project. Any material that is accessible here is granted under the terms of the copyright notice included in this page.

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