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Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00

"It's alive..." ("Frankenstein" classic movie, 1931)

It's finally here. I've managed to assemble tons of material, programs and code from almost 25 years back (before the Web was invented...), technical reports and academic assignments, and here it is. A special gift to my fellow students, friends and colleagues I've worked with throughout the years, plus a pool of teaching material for my students today.

This site was developed almost entirely on-line in Joomla 1.5 (MySQL/PHP). It has been a great experience, mostly due to the great documentation, exceptional coding of the 1.5.x platform and great availability of freeware modules and components that worked just fine. All the available material here is about 95 MB in total (33 MB for platform), including hundreds of files of reports, theses, source code and datasets.

Feel free to send me any feedback and comments, but please don't make me explain any 20-year-old code that was written with 'vi' in VT100 terminals running EP/IX...


NOTE: The site is currently in testing (beta) version and several pages are still under heavy construction or empty. Please stay tunned for frequent updates and of course feel free to send feedback on any bugs, broken links, etc.

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