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Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00

Since the massive earthquake in Haiti, Informatics and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been proven as an exceptional tool for rescue workers and aid organizations on-site, for tracking missing persons, mapping accessible routes, managing resources and coordinating efforts. The Sahana and SahanaPy projects are a perfect example of such efforts. It is a web-based, portable and highly configurable content management platform, written in PHP (Sahana) and Python (SahanaPy), maintained and improved constantly by open communities of volunteers around the world.

Sahana in action  :: Situation map, Haiti, four weeks after the earthquake

Anyone who wishes to get involved or learn more about it can contact the community directly for further information, primarily through the TalkSahana (blog) and the Sahana Wiki. Volunteers with above average programming expertise in some of these technologies may be able to contribute as coders. In any case, this is a great opportunity for new ideas and insight, regarding final year projects in BSc (more practical) and MSc (systems/networking). Professionals can contribute much more and make a real impact with their time, expertise and on-going commitment.



NOTE: The site is currently in testing (beta) version and several pages are still under heavy construction or empty. Please stay tunned for frequent updates and of course feel free to send feedback on any bugs, broken links, etc.

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