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Written by Harris Georgiou   
Saturday, 26 September 2009 17:42

NOTE: This code repository is depricated and no longer maintained. Please fefer to the current one at: https://github.com/xgeorgio

WARNING: The author does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of material in the code sources, documents and supporting data provided here. Neither he nor any other party (whether or not involved in producing, maintaining or delivering this material), shall be liability or responsible for any kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party as a result of your or their use of them. Please keep in mind that several of these packages are almost two decades old and and there is no way to validate their proper behavior today...


  • AI: Lisp examples [download: zip ]
  • Cmpmath: Arithmetic analysis examples (Cholesky, Gauss_js, rkf45) in Fortran [download: zip ]
  • Nanopas: Simple compiler implementation using flex/lex and bison/yacc tools [download: zip ]
  • Datastruct: Four simple programs in Pascal (Huffman trees, knight's problem, etc) [download: zip ]
  • Dijkstra: Simple implementation of the standard routing algorithm in C and Matlab [download: zip ]
  • Graphics: Drawing primitives in C [download: zip ]
  • Logicprog: Simple programs in Prolog for solving popular logic problems (wolf-sheep-farmer, etc) [download: zip ]
  • Optimiz: Fortran implementations of various arithmetic algorithms (minimization, regression, etc) [download: zip ]
  • Patrec: Simple pattern classifiers in C/C++ [download: zip ]
  • MiniSQL: Implementation of a simple RDBMS backbone in C/C++ [download: zip ]
  • bindiff: Simple program in C++ for testing binary files differences [download: zip ]
  • binedit: Simple program in C++ for editing binary files [download: zip ]
  • fincalc: Financial calculations in C++ [download: zip ]
  • Lights: Interior lights calculation in Pascal [download: zip ]
  • OTPengine: Random pool generator for OTP (seed) use in Java [download: zip ]
  • Plan3D: 3-D sectional plot from grid raw data in Matlab [download: zip ]
  • FuncCalc: Arithemtic analysis algorithms in C/C++ [download: zip ]
  • BaseArrs: Basic Array class implementation in C++ [download: zip ]
  • BaseList: Basic List class implementation in C++ [download: zip ]
  • Hash: Basic Hash class implementation in C++ [download: zip ]
  • Excepts: Exception handling wrappers for C and C++ support [download: zip ]
  • SysInfo32: Platform features detection for win32 [download: zip ]
  • SysMon: System resources monitor for win32 [download: zip ]
  • TextEdit: Template project for text editors in win32 [download: zip ]
  • Win32gen: Template project for Windows SDK-based programs [download: zip ]
  • ANNclass: ANN framework in C++ [download: zip ]
  • ANSI: ANSI control codes for VT100 terminals [download: zip ]
  • BFanal: Binary file analysis using C [download: zip ]
  • BigNum: Basic BigNum support using strings in C++ [download: zip ]
  • C/misc: Various C programs for common mathematical functions [download: zip ]
  • CBuff: Simple cache buffer framework using C/C++ [download: zip ]
  • CardsLoans: Calculate debts for credit cards and loans using C [download: zip ]
  • C++/misc: Various C++ programs and functions [download: zip ]
  • CpuSpeed: Very simple CPU benchmarking using C++ timers [download: zip ]
  • Dates: Date calculations using C [download: zip ]
  • DStructs: Basic data structures in C (hashtable, queue, list) [download: zip ]
  • DView: Plot any X-Y data in text-mode using plain C [download: zip ]
  • Filelink: Link together text or binary files using C [download: zip ]
  • Fourier: Fourier transformation for X-Y series using Pascal [download: zip ]
  • CC/primes: Prime numbers generation using C with 'bcc' and 'gcc' compilers [download: zip ]
  • HDlock: Basic hard-disk serialization library for program locks [download: zip ]
  • Lotto: Calculate combinations and winning columns using C [download: zip ]
  • Matrix: Basic Vector and Matrix classes in C++ [download: zip ]
  • MemBuff: Memory buffers in Pascal [download: zip ]
  • Primes: Simple prime number generation in C [download: zip ]
  • Unix2DOS: Convert Unix to DOS text files using Pascal [download: zip ]
  • VMpool: Virtual Memory Pool framework for pagefile-like memory buffers in C/C++ [download: zip ]
  • WinClass: Text-based GUI for DOS programs using C++ [download: zip ]
  • ROT-x: Monoalphabetic shift-key (ROT) tiny cipher in ANSI C [download: zip ]


Acknowledgement: Several of these works are the result of collaborative effort with many good friends and co-workers throughout the years. The author wishes to express his very best gratitude to all the people he has worked with, in countless hours of sleepless writing, coding, and debugging. Every name and original affiliation has been preserved (of course) as-is in all the corresponding material.

Creative Commons License EU Public License
All the documents and related material by Harris Georgiou are licensed, in parts and as a whole, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. All the code sources and related material by Harris Georgiou are licensed, in parts and as a whole, under a EU Public License.

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